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A Moral Compass for The Modern Gentleman

       It is our intention to further our members’ formation of character through membership in an organization based upon the belief in a man’s responsibility to exceptionally fulfill his role in society. We are called together to demonstrate our reverence to a Higher Being and cultivate our moral faculties. We practice gentility, showing respect and humility to all we encounter, brother or not. We seek a culture of disciplined excellence that is reflected in our academic success, professional achievements, and the positive impact we have in our communities. We are leaders among men, dutifully serving with courage, perseverance, and quiet strength. We believe there is no greater love than to sacrifice and lay down one’s life for one’s friends, and we remain loyal through this life. Our aim is onward and upward and we strive towards it with continuous determination.


We are the brothers of Omicron, Kappa Alpha Order. 

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